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Chiropractic Effective for Herniated Disc Problems

Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell in St. Petersburg, FL can help you recover from disc herniation pain with chiropractic care.

Studies Show Chiropractic Adjustments Beneficial at Preventing Sports Injuries

Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell is a St. Petersburg, FL chiropractor who can help you recover from sports injuries. Give our office a call today at (727) 637-2957.

St. Petersburg, FL Neck Pain and Headache Care

Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell and our staff can help you recover from neck pain and headache in our St. Petersburg, FL office.

Faster Work Injury Recovery with Chiropractic

Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell is here in St. Petersburg, FL to help you recover from your work injury. Call our office today at (727) 637-2957.

Avoiding Chronic Pain After an Auto Injury

Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell treats auto injury pain in St. Petersburg, FL. Call our office at (727) 637-2957 for more information.