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Dr. Kristin Kidgell

Dr. Kidgell has helped thousands of people through their recovery processes. The key is to seek treatment early before you develop serious issues!

Dr. Kidgell specializes in total body care. She has over 25 years of experience helping young children, athletes of all ages, and Olympians in training when living in Colorado.

Other qualifications include muscle testing/ applied kinesiology, whiplash, slips & falls, disc herniations, ART (active release technique), Emotion Code, Allergen/ Intolerance testing, Functional Medicine Blood panel work-ups, and Kinesiotaping procedures. Call if you or someone you care about needs help and wants to get better naturally. She is here to help, and miracles happen every day!

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A Simple and Transformative Energy Healing Method

Do you feel your present is being held hostage by your past?

It may not be your imagination. The premise of The Emotion Code is that the energy of past emotions can literally become trapped in your body, affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

We believe these Trapped Emotions could keep you in discomfort, sorrow, failure, and heartbreak patterns

Energy healing is simple with the Emotion Code.

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Real Life Women

Today's "Real Women" want to be more "happy, healthy, and wealthy" in their lives. Simple right? I am going to help us navigate through all this together! I am passionate about biohacking health and happiness while also figuring out ways to increase financial freedom and independence. My mission is to bring you products, services, and interviews that can enhance all the areas of our "real" lives. We are the official Real Life Women Nation and we are committed to growing each day! Just Be Real!

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 Elevated Trader

The Elevated Trader Podcast

Join Dr. Kristin Kidgell and Tracy-Lynn Ball every week as we discuss the current book we are reading about health, mindset, and stock trading in order to elevate ourselves and our listeners to the next level of success.

We both believe that your level of success is dependent on your level of personal development. Our goal with the show is to continue on our own path of personal development while encouraging you to join in on the growth.

Reading is this shows main focus exploring books in the mindset, health, and trading genre. Check out our selection of current and upcoming reads by clicking below.

Post on March 06, 2017
Chiropractic and Disc Herniation Treatment

Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell is a chiropractor in St. Petersburg, FL who can help you recover from herniated disc pain.

Post on February 06, 2017
Chiropractic and Medical Care: An Effective Combination

St. Petersburg, FL back pain treatment by Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell. See how we can help you recover from back problems.

America's Clinic

America's Clinic was founded in 2021 by three U.S. Army combat veteran healthcare providers to serve the American people they swore an oath to protect. The ethical principles of healthcare represent the foundation from which America's Clinic was built and patients will always come first.

We provide our patients with the most dedicated healthcare professionals in the United States.

America's Clinic
americas clinic

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