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Dr. Kidgell here... let me introduce you to a highly specialized, fully customized type of Health Coaching you've NEVER seen before!

From over 26 years of helping patients, I have developed a transformational health program, but it is NOT for everyone.

My program is for a specific type of person. Someone that's discouraged, disappointed, confused, and likely getting concerned with what they see when they look at their reflection in the mirror. Someone struggling with excess weight, low energy, increased fatigue, and maybe even struggling with swelling, bloating, and pain.

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This very unique program is NOT a diet. Diets are cyclical and only work when you are on them. Tailored Transformation is based on health and creating health internally.

IF & WHEN you create balance, then that creates health, then weight loss is inevitable. It's a side effect of a balanced body.

This coaching program is a customized strategy my clients use to easily slim down, identify hormonal issues, and fix digestion without wasting time on the latest diet craze, spending countless hours at the gym, or feeling like they're starving all the time.

• ✓ To take back control of your health! We’ll quickly identify the underlying cause of any imbalances to get down to the root cause. Then, through carefully selected specialty testing, conversation, and listening to your body, we’ll understand the real reasons behind your ailments or symptoms.

• ✓ Replace nutrients causing your body’s imbalance and create a long-term health strategy that will help you overcome the obstacles to health you face, now and in the future. We’re out to make lifelong changes.

• ✓ Optimize digestion, support normal sleep, balance your mood, improve your metabolism, and energize your body and mind. I’m helping to create a version of you so you can focus on what’s essential in your life.

This program is designed to eliminate the guesswork about WHAT their body actually NEEDS so they can trim down with simple habits that will actually stick,..... in as little as 2/3 weeks, even if you’re super busy with work and family.

My clients BREAK CYCLES that kept them stuck in old patterns and then gain killer self-confidence. My clients LOVE the changes they see in the mirror without following extreme exercise plans.

I create custom, simple strategies anyone can use to create immediate momentum TODAY, juggling a career and family life WITHOUT counting a single calorie.

Is this you? Then let's chat.

My ONLY request is that you are READY for change, be open-minded, and show up coachable.

Would you like to ask me questions and come up with a plan that can change your life?

Click the link below to my calendar to schedule a no-obligation phone call, and let's see if we are a good fit!

As always... I am here to help! ~ Dr. Kristin


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