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Meet Dr. Kristin Kidgell | Chiropractor, Author & Mentor

Read about Dr Kristin Kidgell, Chiropractor, Author & Mentor in Petersburg, FL in the is issue of "Shoutout Miami".

Chiropractic and Disc Herniation Treatment

Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell is a chiropractor in St. Petersburg, FL who can help you recover from herniated disc pain.

Chiropractic and Medical Care: An Effective Combination

St. Petersburg, FL back pain treatment by Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell. See how we can help you recover from back problems.

Headache and Auto Injury

Headache is a common problem we see in our St. Petersburg, FL office in patients after a car wreck. See how Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell can help you heal....

Relief from Asthma with Chiropractic

Dr. Kristin Eloshway-Kidgell treats asthma patients in St. Petersburg, FL with all-natural chiropractic care.