Michael D.

Having read the work of not only Bradley Cooper but also Gregg Braden, I was still hesitant to “let go “ so to speak.

I found I had nothing to fear. Feeling as though I had a lot to process and was finding that Had less energy to deal with it, I was treated by Dr. Kidgell.

I found the association of clogged emotional challenges today being rooted, even controlled by, previous and similar experiences from as far back as my childhood. It seems the body never forgets nor does the brain.

All these frequencies are generated and left to their own devices which are ready and willing to be recreated. This idea of neutralizing( my words here) the energies of troublesome recollections has proven to be so easy, that it seems it would be impossible, to have any lasting effect.

This is not true. Clarity of mind and freedom of thought is what I walked away with that day. The simple ways are usually the best ways.


So, I have been working with Kristin for quite some time now and more specifically with the emotion code around relationships. And, I didn't realize how much the negative emotions that were stored in my body were truly blocking my abundance. So, I came into this in a place where I was unsure about relationships, I was unsure about a whole bunch of things and I felt at this heightened state of anxiety at all times. And working through with Kristen, I've realized that for one, I didn't even realize that my body was holding on to all of these stored emotions from the time I was five to different traumatic experiences in my life that I thought that I'd healed from, but my body was saying something else.

And, so with our focus of going through really relationship focus, I have been with my partner for ten years and through our work, our last anniversary, I finally got a ring right here. So pretty. And, I have felt at the most peace I've ever felt in my whole entire life. And, my depression anxiety has completely dramatically changed from the time that I've started. So, I would highly recommend working with Kristen because she is so in tune and she knows exactly what questions to ask, when to ask them. She holds zero judgment. I feel so safe and so heard and so just unconditionally supported in all of her work and she does it in such a way that's practical yet intuitive and it gets you results. So, I forever will say thank you Kristin, for helping me to really uncover my own abundance and let go of all the negative emotions that my body has been holding on to for so long and continuing on this work with her. So, if this is something that you want to do, I would highly recommend Kristin. She's amazing and I will forever be grateful for her and her guidance and the most beautiful, abundant life that I'm living and continue to live.


Hi, my name is Paulina, and I have been attending emotion code sessions with Dr.Kristin Kidgell, and I wanted to share a little bit about my experience. It has actually been life changing for me. There have been moments in my life where I would just wake up and not feel like myself,and I couldn't figure out why, which was then affecting how much I got done in a day. And, I work from home so, that is a really big, important thing for me to be able to accomplish as much as I can on my own. And, I kind of was feeling a block. I couldn't figure it out.

When I met Kristin, she immediately tried to explain what emotion code is. And, if I could just tell you in the simplest, easy way, it's just clearing emotions that are trapped in your body. And, a couple of things that I've Learned about myself, which are so amazing is that I'm a high sensitivity empath. So as a wedding planner, I'm around people, families, friends, and there's a lot of different emotions happening during those events. I can easily take all of those or just somebody's and carry them on and not be able to fully participate at the level that I would if I was just able to feel like myself. So, she gave me really great ways to understand all of this.

With her, I've been able to clear these emotions and then she's also given me resources so that I can protect myself a little bit and not have to suffer as long. The other thing that I've learned about these trapped emotions I've had is they were not only affecting me mentally, but also physically. Like, my stomach would hurt or like, extreme anxiety or nervousness would happen, which would sometimes affect my back and digestive issues. So, I'm so grateful that I decided to take a chance and take a few sessions with Dr.Kristin Kidgell because she is amazing.

I can truly tell that she really does it with a whole heart and soul. And, her intention is to just truly help people. And, I'm the kind of person that likes going to all kinds of different ways that I can help my health. This is not something I've definitely ever heard of from like, a regular primary care doctor, but it's the kind of work that you need to take care of yourself on the inside and it affects your entire life.

So, why wouldn't you just go ahead and signup for an emotion code session with Dr. Kigel? You surely will not regret it. And, I'm going to keep doing it because in the last couple of weeks, I just see the energy, the excitement, the confidence I'm feeling, because I'm not questioning myself or experiencing other people's emotions.

You can also inherit your emotions from, you know, things that you can't control. But what it's true and it's amazing. And, because I've been able to clear it with Kristen. I am just, like, the best version of myself ever, and I will forever be grateful with that. So, thank you so much.