How Can You Avoid Pain from Your Phone?


200 Billion Text Messages

Two hundred billion is the number of text messages sent each month in the US. Every day, adults spend more than 80 minutes on their smartphones doing tasks other than making phone calls, like web browsing and texting. Furthermore, it is not just adults who have become heavy phone users. In 2010, the Pew Research Center found that 75% of teens have cell phones and send an average of 100 text messages per day.

Technical Difficulties

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, entertain, and receive information. Unfortunately, the stronger presence of technology in our lives can detrimentally affect our health. A survey from the British Chiropractic Association shows that many people carry multiple gadgets at the same time such as laptops, tablets, and cameras.

Pain in the neck... back, fingers, and shoulders

Nearly a quarter of the adults surveyed suffered from back pain by carrying too many gadgets at the same time. Often, when people use gadgets, they bend over or hunch their shoulders to view a screen. Plus, they use their thumbs and fingers extensively to type and text. Too much of these activities can lead to pain in the shoulders, neck, back, and fingers.

Steps to Avoid Pain

If you are a heavy technology user, you can take the following steps to avoid developing the problems spelled out above.

  • Raise your phone screen to your eye level
  • Stretch your fingers periodically
  • Avoid writing long emails on the phone
  • Take frequent breaks

Also, when you are going out, try to only bring the tech gadgets that you need for the day to avoid straining your back and shoulders with heavy loads.

Chiropractic Can Help

Your chiropractor can help you prevent and treat technology-related pain. Chiropractic is a proven method of treating back, shoulder, and neck pain. Talk to your chiropractor about ways you can enjoy the benefits of technology without the harmful health effects.